We take certain appliances in our house for granted. The ice maker is one such product. Very often it will be overlooked when it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of the ice maker. Until you take hold of a few pieces of ice, you will not notice the changes in the quality and odor of the ice. Then you suddenly realize that the machine has not been cleaned lately. Similar to the other kinds of equipment or gadgets that you have at home needs to be cleaned regularly, the ice maker also needs to be cleaned if it has to be in good working condition. In this article, we learn more about how to clean countertop ice maker machine.

Cleaning your countertop ice maker machine is part of the hygienic and preventive maintenance program that you must implement in your business, and it will help you to make the investment you have made in equipment profitable.

Usually, all the Ice maker machine comes with a manual notebook guide that includes specific instructions for cleaning it.

Each model has a recommended cleaning process. In this article, we have shared some general guidelines and cleaning solution on how to clean the Ice maker machine. However, some ice-making machines offer the possibility of running self-cleaning programs to ensure daily hygiene in the preparation of clean ice.

The need for cleaning the ice maker machine

Dirty ice maker

Water contains minerals and other microscopic components in it. If they are left unclean, these components can easily build up in the ice cream machine. It can be clearly visible to your naked eyes. The rust and dirt can easily get collected in the machine over time. The production of ice might be difficult for your machine because of the mold and limestone that has been accumulated. In spite of using a filter, the machine often needs to be cleansed. Cleaning the machine regularly will help in the quick ice production and the ice will taste better. The durability of the machine will be enhanced.

Cleaning countertop ice maker

It is very important to keep the ice machine neat and clean. When the machine is kept clean it will avoid the formation of odd tasting ice and mineral building up that could ultimately reduce the production of the ice. At times the minerals that are built up could prohibit or even completely stop the production of ice. Moreover, if the machine is not kept clean, the molds begin to form. There are certain machines with self-cleaning capacity known as portable ice machines. By making use of such machines, the cleaning process is made simple with vinegar, water with just a push of a button.

Different models have distinct manual cleaning requirements, they are discussed below:
  • Remove the plug of the machine from the electrical plug.
  • The water must be drained from the water tank.
  • Keep some detergent and warm water ready.
  • Clean the dirt from the water repository by using a damp cloth to avoid the dirt from entering into the corners.
  • Take out the ice bushel and wash it thoroughly using detergent and warm water and keep the ice bushel for drying completely.
  • Then wipe the water tank using a dry cloth till the water gets dried.
  • The vinegar and water mixture must be added to the water tank.
  • Run the machine using vinegar water to get few ice crystals
  • Now the vinegar water must be strained and the machine needs to be dried.
  • Before using the machine, let it dry for a few hours or overnight because the cleaning might have affected the coolant.

If you follow the above-mentioned procedure, you will be able to prevent the common problem of odd tasting ice and also to increase the durability of the machine.

How to clean ice maker with vinegar 

Vinegar is highly acidic, it is a handy cleaner, and it is a safer and non-toxic solutions than other chemical cleaners. It can also eliminate the unusual smell of the ice maker machine.

Step 1. Preparing Vinegar Solution

Mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, lemon juice, and a cup of water into the spray bottle. Cover the spray bottle and shake for about one minute to mix the white vinegar, lemon juice, and water. The purpose of adding lemon juice is to increase the sanitizing effect of the cleaning liquid, and lemon juice can eliminate all the dusty smell.

Step 2. Removing dirt from the ice maker machine.

Turn off the ice maker, empty the water tank and ice storage box of the ice maker, and spray the above vinegar cleaning solution mixture from the spray bottle into the ice maker. Wait for 5 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Cleaning the outside of the ice machine

Cleaning the outside of the countertop ice machine is easy and does not just affect its exterior appearance. The less dirt and debris are on the outer part of the machine, the less likely it will move inside the machine, and repair its operation. So, to avoid that issue, we should clean the outside of the ice machine too.

To clean the exterior body of the countertop ice maker machine:

Step — 1: Just Prepare a bowl of water and a little mild soap.

Step — 2: Apply the above mixture with a piece of soft cloth or sponge over the entire outer surface of the machine. 

Step — 3: Dry the entire exterior with a clean cloth. You can also use polishing or cleaning products for stainless steel to looks shiny and clean.

In this way, you can clean your Ice maker machine.

How frequently the machine needs to be cleaned?

It is advisable to clean the water tank of the ice machine once a week. Even if you don’t have time to clean it, it’s best to clean it at least twice a month.

It is time to clean your machine if you notice these signs:

  • The appearance becomes cloudy.
  • Becomes smaller than the normal size.
  • You begin to get a strange odor or taste.
  • Becomes soft or melts fast.

Using a filter for the ice maker is good, but it needs to be changed every three to six months and the machine must be cleaned.

Cleaning various kinds of ice makers

  • Certain units might require manual cleaning. Other cleaning machine needs an automated system.
  • There is a difference between the portable unit and the built-in machine.
  • The owner’s manual guide or instructions for cleaning must be read to know about the cleaning procedure of a specific model.
  • Various kinds of ice machines will require different methods of cleaning.
  • Thoroughly follow the cleaning instructions for the safety and durability of the product.

Cleaning supplies and materials that are required

Cleaning materials

All the variety of stuff that is required for cleaning purposes must be collected. Make sure you have a nickel-free ice machine cleaner and some soft cloths for wiping it dry. Even though the machine has an automatic cleaning system, the guide or instruction manual may need some ice machine cleaner. Nickel-free cleaner is good for most of the ice machines. There are also other detergents that are available to clean the ice maker and bring it back to its original condition. Let us now discuss the step by step instructions for cleaning the ice machine.

  • The first step is to turn off the ice maker and to ensure that it has been removed from the plug.
  • The water supply for the ice machine must be turned off.
  • The ice machine must be emptied and all the ice and water that are remaining must be dried.
  • Follow the instructions from the instruction manual to remove all the parts of the ice machine for cleaning purposes.
  • Clean each and every part of the machine thoroughly using water and detergent.
  • Then rinse the parts of the machine with clean water.
  • Restore the parts and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  • The machine air must be dried.
  • The machine is now ready for the plugin. Now, restart the ice maker.
  • Discard the first batch of the ice prepared, don’t consume it.
  • The next batch of ice prepared in the ice maker is ready to be used.
  • Now it’s time to relish the ice pieces for another three to six months.
  • In the case of an automatic cleaner, follow the instructions that are given in the owner’s manual.

Tips for cleaning an ice machine

  • Do not mix any cleaner or sanitizing solution.
  • Make sure to wear protective equipment like safety glasses and gloves.
  • Do not leave control in cleaning mode for a period longer than necessary. (This can ruin the machine)

Final Words about Countertop ice maker machines

Countertop ice maker machines are ideal in the kitchen for producing clear and perfect ice cubes in many situations. Ice for cocktails during a party with family & friends, for cold coffee in the summer, or for tasty milkshakes. Not only for Cold drinks and cocktails but also for the preparation of foods such as sweets and desserts.

The ice machine maker needs regular care and cleaning, especially if they look, the size or the taste has been changed. Once in every three to six months, the cleaning needs to be done. It will increase the durability of the machine. Check the owner’s manual instructions before you begin the cleaning process. I hope now you got the solution for “How to clean countertop ice maker”.