Ice freeze

How long does it take for ice to freeze

When you host a party or take a break during a tiring weekend, you probably need some refreshing drink. It could be disappointing if the ice cube tray in the […]

cooler box

How long does dry ice last in a cooler?

Introduction Let’s have a brief introduction to dry ice. Dry ice is nothing but carbon dioxide in extremely condensed form. It can be seen in form of pellets or blocks. […]

crystal clear ice

How to make crystal clear ice?

As you browse the web, you will find a lot of articles about how to make crystal clear ice at home. The various suggestions include preparing ice out of filtered […]

cleaning a portable ice maker

How to clean countertop ice maker

We take certain appliances in our house for granted. The ice maker is one such product. Very often it will be overlooked when it comes to the maintenance and cleaning […]

How to clean a portable ice maker

How to clean a portable ice maker

The kind of portable machine that you own differs significantly with the maintenance and cleaning technique. It is always best to check thoroughly the user manual in the first place. […]